Seth Fletcher

Home page for Seth Fletcher, editor at Scientific American and writer of books.


"A spellbinding mix of scholarly history and Crichton-esque intrigue. There’s never a dull page as Mr. Fletcher slaloms through the science, the business deals and the political pitfalls."
— Don Sherman, The New York Times

“A gripping introduction to this sophisticated technology and its place in our society”
— Bruno Scrosati, Nature

“Fletcher makes a good case that the electric-car trend may soon be able to shed its dubious reputation as a public-private hybrid and roll under its own power.”
— Ronald Bailey, The Wall Street Journal

“A well-written, smart, and—when Fletcher gets rolling in the last quarter of the book—rollicking story.”
— Steve Levine, Foreign Policy

“Bottled Lightning jumpstarts the electric-car stories with one of the key players—batteries—and does it brilliantly."
Chris Paine, director, Who Killed the Electric Car?